The Pleasant Springs Sanitary District #1 was formed in 1989 to help protect the water quality of Lake Kegonsa and the Lower Yahara River watershed. We provide sanitary sewer collection and conveyance service to homes and businesses located near Lake Kegonsa and the Yahara River within the Town of Pleasant Springs. The District owns and maintains approximately 33 miles of sewer lines, 9 lift stations and 56 grinder stations. Colllected effluent is directed into the sewer system maintained by the Kegonsa Sanitary District #2 and is then ultimately transported to the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District for treatment.

The governing body of the District consists of three Commissioners appointed by the Town of Pleasant Springs Board to serve staggered six year terms. The current Commissioners are:

 John Barry (Term expires 2024)
 Scott Haumersen (Term expires 2026)
Richard Halberg (Term expires 2028)